Best Android Battery Saver Apps for Save Your Android Battery

Android Battery Saver: Searching for Best android Battery saver apps? Need best android battery saver? In this post I write about Best android Battery saver apps for save and extend battery life of android phone. You can easily save your battery with those best battery saver apps for android phone. Those best android battery saver apps come with many advance and different features for saver battery of androidphone. Some of those best android battery saver app are included with smart charging mode for safe charging and save your phone battery. So just read about those battery saver apps for android and save your phone power.

Android Battery Saver Apps List

In Below I write about some best android phone battery saver apps for save your phone battery easily. All those given below android battery saver apps are test by me in my android phone and I realize those android battery saver apps really save my phone battery.

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hqdefault (2).jpg

Android Battery Saver 1: DU BATTERY SAVER APP


This android battery saver app will help you to increasing battery power and saving your Android smart phone’s battery life. DU battery saver app have many latest tools for increasing your Android smart phone’s battery life.

DU BATTERY SAVER APP Tools extend your battery life, because this app have many unique options like One tap saver, junk cleaner, phone cooler, smart charge, boost, advanced saving mode…etc.

This app also gives you app protection for your personal & important apps. For app protection this app included with APP LOCK tool. Most features of this battery saver app is-

  • One tap battery sever.
  • Junk cleaner.
  • Phone coole.
  • Smart charge
  • Boost… etc.

You can free download this du android battery saver app by click on DU Batter Saver.

Android Battery Saver App 2: BATTERY DOCTOR APP


With Battery Doctor android battery saver app you can keep your Android phone’s battery life safe for long time. Because this power saver app have latest Realistic technology for keeping the battery’s health secure and safe.

This power saver app gives you many options for improving battery life which help you to save battery and those are give below-

  • like super saver.
  • charge master.
  • saving mode.
  • battery cooler…etc.

It has SAVE POWER shortcut for cleaning junk and trash files, which apply with one Tap. This power saver app show you accurate battery remaining time & remaining charging time.

This Power saver app will keep safe your battery life by stopping power consuming & power draining apps. Battery Doctor app also cool down your battery & your phone’s temperature.

You can free download this power saver app from play store by click on Battery Doctor for Android.

Android Battery Saver app 3: 360 BATTERY PLUS App


The 360 battery plus app will be prove a perfect and easiest way to keep your Android smart phone’s battery life safe and secure & Healthy.

360 Battery pluse power saver app helps your Android smart phone keep batteries full all time. 360 battery app come with all the facility for detecting those apps which is eating your phone’s battery life and gives Information about that, and when needed it kill them.

This app gives you an option of power saving mode, In this option you could stop all the battery draining apps on the background with only one click.

Here you get many unique and new features for improving your Android smart phone’s battery life and also improving your Android smart phone’s speed. In Below you get most features of this battery saver for android-

  • One tap power saver.
  • Advance power saver.
  • peer-wake up power saver.
  • power saving mode.
  • battery power calculation.
  • 24 hour power consumption chart.
  • healthy charging.
  • junk file cleaner.
  • privacy

This app give you many more other features for improving your Android smart phone’s battery life and health. You can free download this app from google play store.


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